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Can these Kriyas Help with Addictions & Behavior Mental Problems – Sadhguru

Can these Kriyas Help with Addictions & Behavior  Mental Problems – Sadhguru
07 Aug

Sadhguru: Yes, in a very small way we are working with people like that but if we have to handle large groups of people like that we need a certain facility and a certain support system Definitely they could be helped but it needs a certain atmosphere, a certain facility and things like that

Right now the local volunteers and meditators have, you know wanting to set up a center in United States So they’ve bought some land in Tennessee now It's a very beautiful piece of land, we’ve three waterfalls inside the land and it is very good So if the center comes up there in a short while then may be, we could think of handling such situations but then we need to first build the place then train the people It's a long process

But definitely they could be helped if they are at least willing to be helped And whatever the addiction, one thing is it's a mental thing Another thing is it might have become a physiological thing over a period of time Body has gotten used to certain chemicals and things Even if you mentally want to give up the body won't let you come out of it

So for those things we have very powerful, you know kriyas and karmas… Kriya means internal action; karma means external action Both kriyas and karmas a combination of this can be used completely to detoxify the body so that the physical urge can be taken off Once the physical urge is taken off it is just a question of community support and family support and all that because you can't keep a person in an institution forever So what kind of community and family support is there which I feel is very poor in this country, the outside support is very poor; if you go on the street everything is pulling you in that direction For a person who has already been in it if he walks on the street there are so many things which are dragging him in that direction, isn't it? So there is no community support

There are a couple of people who have come from here, stayed in India for sufficiently long periods and they’ve completely come out of it and the thing is they don’t want to come back here because they feel if they come back here they go back to their old friends and whatever they are invariably going to get into it But life doesn’t work like that unless they are completely willing to uproot themselves from here and do something else, which I think is worthwhile but not possible for large numbers of people That’s only possible for individuals


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