At Terry Onegate we work every day to provide our clients with the best experience when applying for personal loans online. That means that we do not want you to have doubts about any aspect of our service, so below we explain the various ways we provide our clients to pay their loan and what options they have if they cannot do so on time.


Deadlines to pay loans online

Deadlines to pay loans online

From the outset, since you choose the amount you need, the tab provides a deadline for you to repay the loan. This period goes from 7 to 30 days after the money has been deposited into your account. If it is the request of your first loan, the 0% interest promotion is respected as long as you pay within this period. You choose which deadline is best for you, but you should know that you can only edit it when you are filling in your personal data. Once you confirm and your loan is approved you cannot change it.


Extension for online personal loans

online personal loans

If the date to pay your loan online is approaching but your personal finances do not go according to plan, Terry Onegate gives you some flexibility and gives you the opportunity to extend your term.

You can select a new expiration date within the following 3 options: 7, 14 or 30 more days. Where? You just have to enter your profile at Terry Onegate and in the section referring to payments, select the extension. You will be charged an extra commission for the extension of your loan and the amount will be determined depending on the amount you requested and the term of the extension. In order for it to be enabled, you must pay the commission immediately.

Once this date is selected it is recommended that you make your payment in a timely manner, although you have the option to request another extension, you will have to pay another amount per commission in advance.


Where to pay the loan requested?

Where to pay the loan requested?

Terry Onegate Mexico has three options to pay both extension commissions and personal loans online:

  1. Self-service stores Oxxe. In your email you will receive a barcode to make the payment, print it and take it to your nearest Oxxe. Each payment requires a code.
  1. Banks. You can make your payments at Ambursa and CL Banco with your account / agreement number and reference. Avoid using practices.

  2. Credit / Debit Card For online payments you will receive a personalized link where you can capture your bank details.

We hope we have clarified all your doubts regarding the payment of your loan online. If you need to request more information, we invite you to go to the main page or contact us. Enjoy the benefits of Terry Onegate Mexico online loans.