We have already got used to the fact that we quickly send short messages via sms. So why couldn’t we inform the payday firm about our willingness to take out a loan in this way? Some lenders already know that such a system of communication with clients is very convenient for both parties, which is why they can apply for a loan by text.


Loan by SMS – how does it work?

Loan by SMS - how does it work?

However, before we can take a loan via SMS, you will need to go through the registration procedure and creating a profile on the lender’s website. To this end, we must visit the website of the selected non-bank company and fill out the application form for new customers. In this form, we provide our personal and contact details, and answer several other questions that allow the lender to assess our financial capabilities.

Then confirm the credibility of the information provided. This can be done in two ways: either by means of a bank transfer of $ 0.01 or using special applications used by selected lenders. Thanks to our transfer, the lender can compare the personal data provided in the application with those held by the bank. If they match, we will be assessed as a reliable customer.

We can now proceed with the submission of the application. But beware – in the case of the first loan, it can usually only be done online (the exception is the SMS Credit company, which provides such a service to every borrower). Therefore, a new customer of a given non-bank company will not take out a loan via SMS. This type of facility is usually only available to regular customers.

So when we repay the first loan and need another quick injection of cash, all we have to do is send an SMS to the number appropriate for our lender. We provided contact details in the registration form, which is why the loan company knows what telephone number we have and can say that the message came from us. For this reason, a loan via SMS can only be applied for using the mobile phone number we provided during registration.

Each lender has its own sms template with a loan application. Although the data layout in the message can take different forms, most often in such a text message you need to provide the amount and repayment period of interest to you, and sometimes also a pesel or ID card number. So before we use this form of communication, it is worth checking what procedures the non-bank company selected by us applies and follow the pattern it imposes.


Where can you get a loan via SMS?

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The table below presents lenders offering payday loans by sms. It also contains information about the content of the sms and the lender’s number to which it should be sent. All this data will help us quickly fill out the application.


Loan by SMS – how does it work?


Applying for a loan via SMS is very convenient, but only if you remember what the SMS scheme should look like for a given lender. Of course, we can always look at the website of the company – and when we get there it will be more convenient for us to take a loan online. Applying for another payday loan over the internet takes about the same time as writing a text message. And when there are problems with coverage, it may turn out that the online application will be submitted much faster.