If you are here, it is because you could confirm that the experience of obtaining a loan online with Barbara Everdane Mexico is unique. Whatever has been the rush that attracted you to us, you could solve it quickly and easily, and there was no problem that prevented you from making your payment. redcrossnorthland.org for an assessment

The service we provide you at Barbara Everdane Mexico always seeks to be as simple, clear and precise so that you can enjoy all the benefits that our online loans offer you. Now that you know and have checked, we are sure that next time you will not think twice.

Are you planning to apply for a second loan immediately? These are the considerations you need to take into account before doing the process.


You can get more financing

You can get more financing

The rule at Barbara Everdane is that the first immediate loan granted can only be $ 1,000 to $ 2,500 dollars. This is because for the majority of our clients it is the first approach to a completely new credit system and starting with something small, it will be the way they can get used to it.

However, from the second personal loan you can access up to the maximum amount that is $ 6,000 dollars. It is important to keep in mind that all our online loans are designed to deal with emergencies that do not exceed your borrowing capacity.


You will have to pay an interest rate

You will have to pay an interest rate

Unlike your first loan where you were not charged interest or commissions, when you make a second request, you will be applied a percentage of interest equivalent to the amount you require.

The applicable ordinary monthly interest rate is 35%. This means that whatever the amount you choose, if you decide to pay it within 30 days, 35% interest will be included.

For example, if you request $ 3,000 dollars within 30 days, the amount of interest corresponding to the percentage of the amount will be $ 1,050 dollars. In total you will pay $ 4,050 dollars.

The shorter the term to pay your immediate loan, the lower the interest rate charged. To calculate how much you will have to pay for the money you want, go to the Barbara Everdane loan calculation. Choose the amount, the term and at the bottom you can see what corresponds to the interest, as well as the total amount.