Two weeks of lying on the beach, active walking in the mountains, boating on lakes or visiting castles – holiday rest can take many different forms.

During the year, there is usually no time or money to take a vacation, which is why we look forward to the holiday season. And when it comes to money – do you know where to borrow money for travel quickly?

According to the Polish Chamber of Tourism, the average cost of traveling abroad in the holiday season for one person in 2017 was to be 2,355 dollars . The high price may be dictated by the fact that when going on vacation, money is spent not only on accommodation or meals.

So what do we spend money on vacation? The list with examples can be very long:

  • insurance,
  • souvenirs,
  • Culinary
  • tickets,
  • commute,
  • medicine,
  • unexpected expenses etc.


Holiday loan. You’ll get her here! 

Holiday loan. You

Do you want to relax but need money? Take advantage of a holiday loan. We have prepared for you a list of five lenders who can offer you money on favorable terms.

Extracortel – the first loan up to $ 3,000 for 45 days for $ 0. In two words: an attractive offer. An online application, quick decision and automatic payment to your account – it can’t be easier! The maximum waiting time for a loan is 2 business days. Leapfinance is the owner of Extracortel, which also has the MoneyUp or Retino brands in its portfolio.

Pivus – a loan for a holiday via the Internet or phone with a bonus ! Pivus adds a $ 300 voucher to each loan granted, which can be used on fly. The maximum amount of the first loan is $ 3,000 for 30 days for $ 0. 3. Smart loan – the lender has prepared a holiday promotion called “Suitcases with cash”. By answering one question, you can win up to 5000 dollars ! And all this, using the first promotional loan up to $ 3,000 for 30 days for $ 0 – yes, yes – promotions combine with each other. 4. MetCredit – the first $ 3,000 for up to 30 days for $ 0. The form of online loan as in the previous point, with the difference that the repayment period is shorter by 15 days. The brand has been awarded the 2018 Service Quality Star award. 5. Kuki – 3000 dollars for 30 days for 1400 dollars. A slightly more expensive item also has many advantages. The online form of the application is easy to complete and the money should be on your account even in 15 minutes. The lender also provides information on when the banks post incoming and outgoing transfers .


Holiday loan. How to choose it right? 

Holiday loan

What criteria should a holiday loan meet? Let’s review the basic parameters.

First of all: low price . A holiday loan should not cost you much. In the best scenario, you should receive it for free . Look for promotions that will offer you the opportunity to borrow money at no cost or compare offers and choose the one that is the most attractive.

Secondly: a long repayment period . Why do you need a payday loan that you have to pay back before the end of the holiday? The loan repayment period is important – it allows both you and your wallet to rest. When looking for the right offer, check the period for which the borrower is providing you with benefits. As longer as better!

Thirdly: the matching loan amount – to your holiday budget, of course. When applying for a loan, remember that holidays do not always go our way and it may be worth taking a surplus of money with you in the event of an unforeseen event.

Then: quick cash withdrawal time . It is worth that you carefully read into the lender’s offer and make sure that you get the money on time, i.e. before your vacation.

Finally: convenience in the loan application process . If you have to borrow – do it on your terms! Do you have time only at 3 am to fill out the loan application? Use the services via the Internet. Don’t want to send any request? Find a lender who will complete the application for you – for example by phone. There are many offers, so you will definitely choose something that suits you.


Vacation loan your way!

Vacation loan your way!

We have prepared loan offers to meet the basic criteria. Compare them according to your own preferences and needs and … have fun on vacation!