Easy and quick access to short-term loans without BIK means that more and more people need financial help. The feeling of powerlessness makes it increasingly difficult to deal with debts yourself.

Where to find help for people in debt? The development of computerization means that in most Polish homes there is a computer. In 2013, three-quarters of households were equipped with a computer, and this percentage is still growing. The number of Internet users is also increasing. 72% of households have access to the network.

This means that the vast majority of us thus have access to quick loans

This means that the vast majority of us thus have access to quick loans

Offered via the Internet. Unfortunately, this is tantamount to the fact that more and more people have a problem with paying off their liabilities. When looking for financial help, you can go to foundations that specialize in helping those in debt.

The “One Another” Foundation should be mentioned here, which helps people in need in a difficult financial situation, or the “Z-ATEM” Foundation for Rehabilitation and Help for Indebted People St. Simon. These organizations fight the social exclusion of people in debt for several years.

Despite this, it is still a sensitive topic, as evidenced by a small number of such foundations. You do not have to feel lonely in a difficult fight with problems that are beyond the possibilities of solving yourself.

There is no situation without a solution. In response to the need for debt relief, entities have emerged that specialize in debt restructuring. Such companies have specialist knowledge and experience that results in forgiven interest or suspended payments.

Stage of the case there is a chance to negotiate better repayment terms

Stage of the case there is a chance to <a href=negotiate better repayment terms” />

It is in the interest of both the debtor and the bank that the liability be finally paid off. If we are preventive and we contact the bank before delays, we can count on:

  • suspension of installment payments,
  • installment reduction
  • avoiding further consequences of late payments or lack of payments.

If we are dealing with a contract with arrears or already terminated


We can also try to reduce the installment (the installment can be reduced to a maximum of 50%) and set its amount at a satisfactory level. In addition, thanks to starting talks, we will avoid recovery and additional costs associated with conducting it, as well as cease to accrue penalty interest. Many people wait until the last minute to intervene. The case at the stage of enforcement proceedings is more difficult, but it does not mean the end of the fight for debt relief. At this stage you can gain, among others:

  • discontinuance or suspension of enforcement proceedings;
  • agreement on the amount of the monthly installment paid directly to the creditor;
  • stop charging penalty interest.

In addition, we avoid additional costs associated with the work of the bailiff. By getting along directly with the creditor, we save 8-15%, because the bailiff deducts such a percentage from the amount collected.