The time when only people with a contract of employment had a chance to get a loan long behind us. Now anyone with any document confirming regular income can receive additional money. So if you work on a mandate contract and have adequate creditworthiness, you can go ahead and apply for a loan from a non-bank company. See which offers should be used first. With an employment contract, you can easily find payday loans at online loan companies. All non-bank brands listed in our ranking offer their services to just you customers! So click the link below, compare offers and choose the best offer for yourself!


Take a loan under a mandate contract

Take a loan under a mandate contract

One of the requirements applied by non-bank companies operating online is the need for stable income. Until recently, “steady income” was understood only as remuneration received under an employment contract. This document was for the lenders the only sure evidence that the given client would be able to pay the commitment on time. Currently, many people interested in payday loans provide an employment relationship according to different rules. One of them is just work based on a mandate contract. A person who receives remuneration exactly on this basis will have to prove, however, that it is permanent.


Contract loan – how to get it?

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To prove regularity of income, you will need to provide copies of all contracts you have with your current employer. If you work for several months or years in your current workplace – you are in a slightly better position. Continuity of employment shows that you are not likely to lose your job suddenly, so you will probably be able to pay back the loan on time. However, if you work on a commission contract in various companies, or change employers often, it is worth collecting all copies of the concluded contracts and presenting them to the lender . The more sources of income you show, the greater the chance that the non-bank company will grant you payday cash in the amount you apply for. However, not every lender will ask you for scans of their contracts. Often, you only need to provide the date of signing such documents, the amount of salary you receive, and sometimes your employer’s details on the loan form. In case of doubt about your financial capabilities, the lender will contact your supervisor to confirm your income. Nevertheless, it is worth having a copy of such contracts in store, as it may turn out that you, and not the employer, will be asked to confirm the financial data provided in the application. And then you must have a solid pad for the amount of remuneration that you have declared, so as not to start out with a suspicious customer from the very beginning.



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Lenders more and more often treat the mandate contract as one of the most reliable sources of income for the client. So you can apply for payday loan and installment loan without any worries. Remember, however, that your creditworthiness will be the key to the lender. So before you proceed to inference, make sure that his eyes fall out as best as possible in terms of your finances.